The Clarion Forensics Speech Tournament

8:40 AM

Well, dear readers, I suppose it is my duty (and privilege) to now journal about the Clarion Speech Tournament, now that I have already done so with the Appletree Tournament. :) Here goes...

The tournament experience (in my opinion) actually began the day before, when our guests arrived. We hosted the Haugens. Mrs. Haugen was assisting my parents direct the tournament, so it was splendid to have them here. With Mrs. Haugen came her two sons, both competitors, and Meagan Shea, a speech club alumni. We were all delighted to get to know them, and spent the entire evening swapping morbid pet stories with Grayson and Cale Haugen. :) My grandmother, and her friend Jeanne Barnes, stayed with us also. The group of us had a refreshing prayer meeting in the living room that night, and then retired 'til the next morning.

I had intended on setting my alarm clock for 4:30 am, but forgot, and consequently slept in an hour. I had visuals to complete for my expository speech, you see, and I needed to shower, iron my clothes, dress, eat breakfast and load my easel, boards, and decorative curtain in the van, by 6:30 am. Boy, was I in a rush! Stress! My clothes where never ironed (I wore them anyways ;) ), and the breakfast was never consumed, but hey, I managed! I rode with the Haugens since they were leaving first;( I was supposed to show up at the tournament early to practice with my duo partner on our speech) but with my bad directions :(, we showed up even later than the rest of my family! Oh well.
People started showing up, and we all met for worship and orientation in the fellowship hall. The rounds started, and I was to give my expos. Just outside the competition room for expository, I discovered that some velcro on my visuals board had torn loose, and I had no way to fix it. Stress! Someone ran and got me some scotch tape. It was tacky, but I managed. Anyways, my round went well, the duo with Stephanie turned out fantastic every time, and I pulled a good impromptu topic: "Two heads are better than one", where I spoke on the benefits of marriage.
That night, we had a dinner and dance at a nearby school gym. I forgot to bring a change of clothes, so I danced in my professional suit. That was fun. :) I had to avoid being asked to dance, though.
We got home late, and the shower wasn't available for a good half hour.

I got up early the next morning, things were less hectic, my visuals being complete and all. The tournament went well that day. Although, I felt perpetually queasy and nauseous with adrenaline and a nervous stomach. I broke into finals in both impromptu and duo. My impromptu was poor, the worst I'd done all weekend, but the duo went best as ever. I enjoyed prayer with fellow competitors, very reassuring.
I also had alot of fun playing cards in a back room with friends during tabulations, it helped relieve stress. The competition results were announced that evening at the awards ceremony; I qualified for regionals in all three events, and got a sweepstakes award to boot! I was thrilled! Everyone thought differently, though. Because I was so emotionally and physically exhausted, I didn't looked particularly jazzed when I received the awards. I was jazzed--inwardly, at any rate! :) The Haugens left that night, and we had a pizza party after the tournament. What a weekend! I do so love speech tournaments. God has been so gracious, wouldn't you agree?

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