Ducky dears

5:42 PM

Ah, what a beautiful day! Today, a mallard and his wife settled in our pond. How rare! Aaron let his 15 chickens loose in the yard so that they could 'socialize' with the newcomers. It was then that I realized how dumb and dirty his chickens are! Compared to the sleek, elegant and dignified ducks, the chicken's waddling and constant pecking makes them look like barbarians. :)

Perhaps I will take a moment to share my thoughts on the ducks. I'm no philosopher, but I believe a practical life application can be gathered from almost any situation or object (such as ducks) in my back yard. :) Today I would like to blog on the subject of marriage.

I observed today, that the male duck is rarely more than a foot and a half away from his mate. He never left her side, and whenever her head ducked under water, as she rooted for food in the mud, he stationed himself as a sentry, watching out for danger when she was vulnerable, carefully protecting the safety of his companion. He only sought food for himself when she was in a protected and camouflaged area. Even when she was alert, he had an eye on her. She swam about with a sense of security, and was not timid to explore whatsoever.

Now, see if you can glean an application from the mallard's instinctive behaviour. As God our Heavenly Father, has blessed us with marriage, a symbol of Christ and the Church, He has likewise given us the quiet mallard and his mate; symbolic of what marriage should be. :)

Thank you for your time.

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