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Here's a silly story I wrote as a school assignment. It's another version of "The Lion and the Shepherd", you know, that story where the lion has a thorn in its paw and the shepherd helps him out. Later, the lion repays his kindness when the shepherd is 'thrown to the lions'. Hope you enjoy it:

Goosh, Gwauck, and the Gourmet Gunk

by Alexa Sleadd

Goosh, who was a mischievous little earthworm, was wallowing in the muddy yard outside the chicken coop. Chickens were a worm’s greatest foe, but Oh! The soil was so rich! The dirt in his worm community had been, let’s say, recycled many times over, leaving it, in a worm’s opinion, very tasteless. This dirt was seventh heaven!

He failed to notice the lone hen sitting miserably in the corner of the yard, but soon did when she called out to him, beseechingly.

“Please help me! My feet are stuck in muck and droppings that have caked hard as stone. I promise I will not eat you!” She teared up and started bawling.

Goosh cautiously considered, and began inching toward her sympathetically, in a wormy sort of way. He quickly engulfed and recycled the dirt in an amazingly speedy fashion, excavating the stuff from around her feet. The hen, delighted, shook her feathers of recycled dirt, and clucked,

“Oh thank you so much! I was afraid I’d meet me doom in this dirt. I’m Gwauck, and I’m exceptionally pleased to meet you.”

“The name’s Goosh. Anytime. Delighted.” He gulped, terrified, because he was getting for the first time, a close look at a chicken’s sharp beak and beady never-blinking red eyes.

“Well, I’m on the verge of laying another egg, so I must say tata and be on my way. Goodbye darling, I hope we meet again.”

She waddled off, as Goosh made his escape, relieved.

Time passed and Goosh forgot his encounter with Gwauck. But things underground in the earthworm community were getting heated. There had always been a shortage of good dirt, so when a large amount was stolen from a gourmet restaurant, the penalty for the guilty was to be severe. Every finger (or whatever worms use to point with) was pointed at Goosh, because he was known to have a weakness for delicious dirt. But this time he was innocent, yet no one would listen. Every worm eventually meets his end down a chicken gullet, so the worm officials supposed that would be fitting for this execution. Down a chicken gullet, Goosh would go, was the official verdict. Worms have tunnels and networks everywhere, and it was determined by public vote, that Goosh would be shoved up tunnel x14L8pR-Q, which comes out smack dab in the middle of the chicken coop. Goosh was horrified. He was poked and prodded up the tunnel, guards behind him blocking his escape. Closer, closer, closer they got to the exit. Suddenly they found themselves in broad daylight! One of the hens had unwittingly scratched a hole right where the tunnel came out, earlier that day. The guards scratched their bald heads, wondering,

” But the tunnel’s not to end yet! We should have at least five more inches to go still. What in earth has happened?”

They were in center of the chicken coop, surrounded by squawking fowl, who had instantly caught sight of them and were momentarily salivating. (Wait- do chickens salivate?)

“Uh-oh. Houston, we have a problem.” A worm shouted into his radio, “Reporting to headquarters. Tunnel x14L8pR-Q is in disrepair, execution not executing as planned. Awaiting orders.”

The group of 6 worms waited patiently for further orders as the chickens made their move. Goosh quaked with terror as 15 hens closed in, all with the intention of ruthless slaughter. In his perspective, every thing went to slow motion. Beside him, a guard was snatched up by a greedy Rhode Island Red, while another was being fought over by two fat White Leghorns! Goosh was sure he’d be next. Suddenly, everything went black. Surprised, he found himself bathed in golden light, sprawled on the dirt with Gwauck grinning at him. Supposing he was in the worm afterlife, he asked, dazed,

“Are you an angel?”.

“Oh no, silly. It’s me, Gwauck, I just caught you up in my mouth and brought you here, safe from my silly sisters!”

“Oh, but where am I?” questioned Goosh.

“Outside the coop, in someone else’s yard! I escaped out of a secret tear in the wire fence, that only I know about, and dropped you down here! Isn’t it splendid? Oh, well, tata!”

With that, she took off into the air, and squeezed her massive personage back through the fence.

And here our story ends; Goosh meets the owners of the rich soil underneath him, a homeschooling worm family with 8 children,(All of whom attend a speech club) where he stays and lives with them, eating gourmet dirt every meal with his new found family, remaining fast friends with Gwauck and lived happily ever after.

The End

See, I told you it was wacky:)

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