Bebe, bebe, bebe

4:06 PM

The last week has been nothing short of hectic, so I hope you excuse me for not posting in a while... You see, my sister Naomi is going to have a baby, and it was necessary to throw a shower for her. Let me explain...

Several weeks ago Mom said to me, "Well Alexa, the baby shower will be held here, at our house" I'm thinking uh-oh. Could this mean...? I replied weakly " Sooo...Who's throwing the party? Who's in charge?" She grinned, and took a breath. I cringed. She formed her mouth around the coming response. I quivered. "You are!!!!" Aaaaaaaaaggghhh. Well, if you must know, I secretly hoped she would say me. Hehe. I just wanted the honorable label, not all the work. *sigh*

It turned out that we invited more than 50 people, but we invited alot of people expecting that they wouldn't come. I suggested that we write in the invitations : "You're invited; please don't come." either that or: "If you have any conflicting events on your schedule on this date, please go to them instead." "Don't feel pressured to come, if it's raining, don't bother yourself, if you'd miss your favorite show, we won't miss you." Mom didn't latch on to that idea as quick as I thought she would. In fact, she didn't like it all together! I can't imagine why...

We had quite the crowd. I organized the games, set-up, decorations, rsvping, and other stuff. Mom took care of food. So that's my lengthy excuse for not blogging.

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