A day at "The Farm" pt. 2

9:11 PM

A lovely view of the llama

These goats were so cute

Hehe, this is what animals do best:

The field trip was delightful. I was squatting and scratching a little goat and and was surprised to find a tame deer chewing on the back of my shirt. Aaaaack! Ick! As soon as I set myself loose, and strained a smile at the curious fella, I looked back to find the little goat chewing on the front of my shirt! Aaaaack! Ick!

I shuffled around, embarassed about the dirty wet spot on the bottom corners of my white tank top, waiting for it to dry. I chuckled at the sign "The Farm is not legally responsible for any item of damaged clothing."

I've learned to watch my back...

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