At Naomi's

3:33 PM

I'm at Naomi's house right now, as I have been since Thursday evening. I'm helping out with the new baby- the exceptionally cute baby, that is. Boone is so adorable! He's laid back and pretty easy going. He hates being cold though. When you change his diaper, the cold air makes him shiver and cry. He arches his back and wails. Poor Boone. I usually let the water run in the sink, because the gurgling noise soothes him. He's always hungry, it seems, and he's always twitching, because he has not yet mastered his motor skills. Yesterday he stuffed a finger up his nose and didn't know what to do about it, not having control of his hands and all.

It's lonely here. I'm used to constant noise, conversation and personal interaction at home. Here it's quiet, and Naomi rests often so I can't exactly hang out with her 24/7. Plus Nathanael works, so I'm alone and try to keep myself busy. I washed windows on Friday, did the dishes, played Yahtzee and Cribbage with Nathanael and changed Boone's diaper several times. Saturday I did more laundry, dishes, diaper duty, planted the petunias, watered a bunch of foliage and flora, and then I... this is really boring to read isn't it? In summary, I'm doing this and that, here and there, and am thoroughly enjoying it. :) Take care and God Bless.

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