Boone the Burrito

8:54 PM

Yah Yah! This is the pride of my aunthood! Meet Boone, my nephew. He sure is cute. I didn't want to bother with posting a bunch of pictures of him seeing as Aaron already has. Go look on his blog.We call him Boone the Burrito, or Burrito Boone because of how he looks when Naomi swaddles him all up in his blankie. Burrito! It's convenient that his name starts with "b", because we can call him all sorts of names. Baby Boone, Bouncing Boone, Booger Boone, Balding Boone. Hehe. Poor chap. He's probably sick of me kissing him on the nose for the millionth time. Aaww! He's so irresitable!

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