Excuses, excuses, excuses

1:06 PM

Wow, it's quite the sunny day!

Oh dear, I started this blog with the determination to keep it from becoming a "blah-blah-blog" as I call it, but unfortunately, it has steadily slipped into that status. But it is devilishly fun to talk about nothing that would in a million years be of interest to you, so I hope you don't mind that I plan to keep right on doing it! Mwahaha!
See I only wanted to talk about things that interest me, or about an interesting experience I once had or whatever, but never to write a "what-I-did-today" post. But now that Speech club is over, all us students, who don't see each other hardly ever anymore, just go and read each other's blogs, and leave comments saying absolutely nothing, in order to continue our socialization. So you see, if I just talk about the ducks in my back yard, my speech friends will get bored to death, so it is vital for me to talk about me and "what-I-did-today". So there. Aha!

Anyways, I was commenting on the lovely weather outside, wasn't I? Ah yes... HEY! THERE'S A STRAY CAT IN MY FRONT YARD! I'M SERIOUS! At this very moment, a fat cat is waltzing across the mulch! Huhzooka! How exciting! Pardon me while I go and chase it and yell like a yahooligan.

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