I go backwards

4:57 PM

Well, if you must know why I haven't posted anything intelligible for the past while, here's my excuse. I've been reading. I read The Two Towers by J.R.R. Tolkien in three days, and started The Return of the King yesterday, and am almost finished. It is utterly thrilling! But that's not all that has been consuming my time.
I went down the zipline for the first time with handle bars. Would you believe it! After all these years of having the snazziest zipline of GP in my own backyard, I've only ridden it sitting, not with handlebars. So this weekend I mastered my fear of heights, climbed the rickety aluminum ladder about 15 feet (wimpy, I know) and promptly fell off.

But of course, it was intentional, for I was holding onto the handlebars. (Haha)
I dropped steeply for the first few feet of cable, my stomach in my throat. The cable leveled out therefore my stomach fell down again with a gloomf. I picked up speed, (equivalent to that of a running sprint) whereas my stomach squished up against the back of my abdominal cavity (to put it bluntly) and then the ride was all over. Just like that. Boy, did I want to go again.

If that ride wasn't enough, I went down backwards. Now, that was cool. Ask me about it next time you see me. I'll tell you all about it, because I'm too lazy to type about it anymore. Bwahaha. Well toodledoo and all that.

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