My family Pt. 2

1:03 PM

Then they moved up to Alaska. After various landscaping and delivery jobs, John went back to college to become a teacher. Arden substitute taught and worked as a bridal consultant. And what do ya know, a little girl was born. Her name was Naomi. And they were sooo happy.

Nine weeks later, after four years of marriage, the young Sleadd family moved to California. Two years after Naomi was born, a little boy followed. His name was Nathan. He was just as cute as Naomi, which surprised John and Arden because they'd previously thought it not possible. And they were so happy.

In two more years along came an exceptionally cute Aaron, and two years after that along came a so-so Alexa.

Then the Sleadds migrated up to Southern Oregon, where Caleb was born in the parents bedroom. That made five children. (Now comes the sad part). John and Arden Sleadd didn't have any more kids. (See, I told you it was sad) The funny thing was, people in general were amazed at 'what a large family' we had. Now we wish there were more of us. Our family feels rather small after meeting other families. Oh well, back to my narration. Mom contracted fibromyalgia, an illness of chronic and constant muscle pain. She slipped from being an active mom, to a couch-dweller, debilitated by pain. Our family gradually changed as her condition worsened. We became a single-parent family, a public school family, disbanded by team sports, Sunday school, youth group, music lessons, slumber parties, etc. etc. Mom stayed home from church, Dad did the shopping, driving, parenting and pretty much everything else. If he didn't have so much energy, I don't know what we'd have done. He took us camping all over the state. Recently, Mom's health has been improving, plus we've been homeschooling again since 2003. It would seem, that our family suddenly changed again, abruptly, when we left public school. Our relationships with each other were strengthened, our academics improved, the boys' pants stopped sagging, we gave up the hair bleaching thing, and our social lives tripled! Some people say that's ironic, I say it just comes natural. ;)

So that's us, the Sleadds. We have our quirks, (you're probably nodding fervently at this) but you'll just have to get used to them. *wink* :) Hope you liked that peak into our past. See ya around.

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