My family Pt. 1

11:13 AM

The Sleadds. Yup, that's us. So what do you know about the Sleadds? Perhaps you'd like to hear more? Ah, I will tell you, whether you will listen or not.

Hmm. Well. Where should I start? Frankly, our family story begins not when Mom and Dad got married or whatever, but it starts with God. God. The One who planned exactly how our family would turn out to be. If He
wasn't, nothing would. (How profound.) He's in control, and that's just the way it is. So, yeah, that's how our family story starts. Since God is our foundation, I figured I'd mention Him before anything else. ;) Are you still with me? {:P

Anyways, a long time ago, half a century in fact, this little girl was born. Her name was Arden. Arden lived in Washington. Two months later, a little guy was born. His name was John. John lived in Kentucky. Arden grew up in a church-going family, John didn't. His parents divorced when he was a teenager. She became a Christian when she was a teenager. John was lost. Arden no longer was. He was looking desperately for truth.

He hitch-hiked, motorcycled, and drove a junker van all over the country, traveling, trying to find himself, and reality. Somehow, long-haired rebel John ended up in Washington, got a job in a cannery and started taking classes at a university. He was still looking for a life purpose. He decided to make music his god. He studied art, too. He drew weird pictures. He played in bars, night clubs, dance bands. Meanwhile, Arden made music her passion. She got all sorts of classical training. She played Mozart. She sang Mendelsohn. He played mean guitar licks. He sang top 40 songs.

He joined a choir at the university, in order to complete his Bachelor's in music. She directed a choir--his choir, in fact. So that's how they met. He thought she was pretty cute. He asked her out to coffee, even though he knew she was one of those "Christians". He called her "goody-two-shoes". They fell in love, but her policy was she would only marry a Christian. As close friends, they went to her church together. But she knew she had to break off their relationship. She took a teaching job in Alaska, while John was facing an inner turmoil between himself and God.

He prayed "God, if you're there, and if you're truly real, then please reveal yourself to me. Give me the desire to know you."
He made a bargain with God: "If you want me to get to church, I need all green lights." His beater van had no brakes. That Sunday, every light turned green on the way to church. He went to church the Sunday after she left, and the Sunday after that.

John started changing, his heart was changing, but through it all, he found he only liked Arden more. They wrote letters back and forth, they had hour-long talks on the phone. He shared with her his prayer and searching. She told him, "It sounds like you've accepted Christ." He wasn't sure, but within months he knew it was true. They got engaged. They got married. And they were so happy.

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