Rambles of Fun.

6:33 PM

Hey all... I can type now, so now I can tell you all about last weekend.

Last Thursday, my family hosted an apologetics meeting at our house. That meant lots of people. People means lots of zipline rides. Wheee! That was fun.

Last Friday was a normal Friday I guess. Except for the fact that we were all anxiously getting ready for Nathan's big Graduation Party Dance Barbecue Bash thing. yup.

Last Saturday was the big Graduation Party Dance Barbecue Bash. It was at the Jerome Prairie Community Center, a big, old building with peeling paint on the outside and hardwood floors on the inside. Before the party Nathan took me there to help Victoria, Colleen and him decorate the place. (They are all graduates.) Christina and I were in charge of stringing the dance hall with streamers. We did this thing where we strung streamers through the chandelier (made out of an old cart wheel) and attached them to the walls. It looked really snazzy. The ceiling is really high too, and we didn't have a ladder, so it took forever. During the party, Aaron was in charge of doing the games. He did a really good job. My favorite was this one where each team lined up behind a baseball bat. Each competitor had a clothespin, when Aaron shouted "Go!" the first person in each line for each team would grab the baseball bat and spin around and around (seven times in fact), sufficiently dizzifying themselves, then they'd run to the clothesline with the clothespin in their mouth and try to put it on the line with out using their hands. They'd run back and high-five the next person in line, who would then repeat the process. Haha! It was so fun to watch people stagger around trying desperately to find the clothesline. We were competing right next to a big pile of cut brush, and Mr. Owen was so dizzy, he sat right in the middle of it with a huge crash! He's a big guy, too, which made it millions times funnier. Someone tried to help him up, and he did regain his footing-well, kinda. He took a couple steps, and then pitched right into the brush again. I was howling with laughter so hard I had tears in my eyes. Then I looked away to see Mr. Strom sprawled out on the ground. Ha! It was so hilarious!
Later, we ate barbecued hot dogs, had a worship service, ate cupcakes, and danced. Fwew! It was a lot of fun! There were more than a hundred people there. It was really sad when it ended and when we had to leave. Boohoo.

On Sunday, we went to church, and then played Ultimate Frisbee at the park. I was having a lot of fun, 'cause I was really getting into it. In fact, I jumped up for this really sweet catch, but everybody else was jumping for it too, and someones hand caught it, and came crashing down on my thumb. My thumb didn't bend or anything while it got jammed, it just stayed straight, which is almost worse. I kinda yelped, and stood there fighting back tears. It hurt like the dickens. Thank goodness no one noticed. That would've been really embarrassing! I hate crying in front of people. That was almost a week ago, and my thumb still hurts a little. Oh well, I'll get over it. I got bowled over twice by my brother during that game. It was so much fun. Can't wait until tomorrow when I play again. I'm really gonna make up for that sweet catch that I never made...Boohoo.

On Monday, we went to the Petty's house for a barbecue. We played volleyball afterwards (ouch, that didn't feel good) and then we threw the frisbee around a while. I tried to catch it this one time, but tripped. OoF! I'm such an idiot. I felt really stupid.

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