Rebel against Rebellion. Join The Rebelution.

6:33 PM

Have you ever heard of The Rebelution? Alex and Brett Harris, friends of ours, have started a forum/blog encouraging teens and youth to rebel against low expectations. Our culture has set a low standard for teens, a standard of apathy and self-centeredness. Teens these days waste their lives indulging in video games, iPods, text messaging, and adolescent childishness.
The Harris twins are fighting against these low standards. Join them as they 'rebel against rebellion' by becoming a member of their forum.
Also, Alex and Brett, along with their father, Gregg Harris are taking The REB across the nation on a 2007 Conference Tour. We are attending the conference in Sacramento thirteen days from now. If you'd like to go, just visit their website and sign up. If anything, please spread the word about this awesome opportunity.

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