The Rebelution Conference Part 1

4:36 PM

What an awesome weekend! Dad, Nathan, Aaron and I carpooled with the Holsts, the Deems, Owens and Sarah Conard down to Sacramento last Friday. I rode with Sarah, Sara Holst, Ruth Owen, Mrs. Owen and Dad in our van. The guys rode in "Clifford", the Deems' big red SUV. About 15 minutes north of Sacramento, on the highway, we heard a really loud *BANG* followed by a loud vibration noise. We gasped and paled as Dad slowed way down, and pulled over to the shoulder of the road. We all piled out into the sweltering California heat, expecting to hear the hissing of a popped tire, but there was none! I looked at all the tires, but they were all firm as ever. It was then that I noticed that the treads and most of the back left tire had been torn away, exposing the bare inner tube. The dads switched it to a spare. It was funny. The back hatch of our van was open, revealing piles of luggage, we were standing in the heat, Dad and Mr. Holst laying under the car, with the jack, shredded tire, and crank strewn around on the gravel. Any passerby would get the picture in no time. A car honked as it passed, and the driver gave us a "hahaha" look. We glowered. With the spare on and the jack put away, we piled in again and drove to the hotel. The guys showed us our room, and we all set out to find a tire dealership, and something to eat.
Dillon Holst and Sarah Conard

We found both, and then came back to the hotel. We went on a walk along the river, behind the hotel, and played elbow tag on the grass. Then, as it got dark, most of us teens jumped in the hotel pool and swam 'til 10. After the pool closed we hung out in the guys' hotel room, playing cards. That was so much fun! We went to bed at around 11:30 pm. To be continued...

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