See you on the field.

4:28 PM

Have you ever played Ultimate Frisbee? I gotta tell ya, you haven't lived life 'til you've played Ultimate Frisbee. Alot of people haven't heard of it, sadly. Here's how it works: It's kind of like soccer, except you play with a frisbee. First you divide into teams (6 or more people on each team is an ideal number), and each team goes to opposite end zones on either side of the rectangular soccer field. The team 1 with the frisbee throws to the other end zone. Team 2 catches it (it doesn't matter if they drop it on this first throw.) and then members of that team try to work it down to the opposing end zone. Sounds easy, eh? But they can't run with the frisbee, neither can they hold it for more than ten seconds before passing to a teamate; if they do, it's a "turn over", the opposing team gets the frisbee. Now, the other team is also trying to get the frisbee to their opposite end zone. Which ever team catches the frisbee in their own endzone wins a point. (The game usually go to 15 points). What makes the game really intense, is that everyone is trying to smack down the frisbee from opponents, so fingers get jammed, people get bowled over, eyes get poked and all that jazz that comes from a mob of competitive people crowding in smacking at a flying spherical object! In other words, it's an awesome load of fun! If you've never played it before, throw a party or something (near a soccer field, of course), invite your friends, and teach them all Ultimate Frisbee! Oh, be sure to buy one of those floppy silicone edged frisbees, don't use the hard ones (they're dangerous). People can sometimes get hurt, even with the soft ones, so imagine how much worse the freestyle frisbees are! We're talking missing teeth, broken fingers, black eyes, bloody lips, etc., etc... :) Don't you want to play Ultimate Frisbee now?

Well, hope to see you on the field!

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