Water, water everywhere

8:45 PM

Hey you! I just got back from a boating trip with our friends the Moores. They're really cool people.

We went to Lost Creek Lake, an hour and a half drive from here. We stopped at a gas station and took some silly pictures by these painted stumps.

This is Faith Moore

and I

In the car; me and Faith (Sorry, the pic is blurry)

At the lake, we rode out on the water for a couple hours.

Here's me and my ol' buddy Zane

A couple of pics of Aaron and Zane

It started raining like crazy, the wind kicked up, and the water got all choppy. So we turned the boat around and headed for shore. (There was no way I was gonna wakeboard that water out there!) Nobody else wanted to stay for much longer, so we left. But boy it was fun! We sho' had a goot time! ;)

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