Pasta, funk, and fun

9:49 AM

Okay, I'm sorry that all I've posted is pictures and fluff. I am due to write. But ah! I actually have something to write about, this time! ;P

The first thing I must say is, if you didn't show up at the dance on Friday; you missed out. Big time. It was a blast! We did reels, square dances, swing dancing, and circle dances. Plus the food was fantastic. I had a green salad, a yuummmmy bean burrito, some creamy chinckenish item that tasted heavenly and some mysterious pasta stuff. Now let me tell you about this particular mysterious pasta noodly stuff. The first couple bites were scrumptious, but (as spaghetti noodles always are) it made for sloppy eating so it took forever to devour because I had to eat slowly and carefully. And since it took forever it got all cold, so the rest of the dish was only semi-scrumptious. I adapted the art (as Sarah kindly informed me of) of holding my napkin approximately 1 1/4" from my face while cramming forkloads of noodles in my mouth so that no observers would behold the unpleasant consumption. I am forever in debt to her. ;) As the last trace of pasta slid down my gullet, my dad called me up to the front to jam wid de band on me flute. While we jazzed/funked/bluesed up the place, the tables were cleared and rolled away for a dance floor. Our first dance was the "Paul Jones" one. I've never liked that dance. But I still enjoyed myself... I danced the "Virginia Reel" with Steve Summerfeld, "Paul Jones" with random people (that's how the dance works), Swing dancing with David Kruse, and goof-off dancing with Stephanie Emmons. What a hoot! The gym is always hot, except in winter, so I anticipated suffocating heat and decided ahead of time that I wasn't going to do any dancing. Bwahaha. No. I just couldn't resist. I'm glad I did. I went outside during a break with a cup of ice-water and poured it over my head and down my back. Aaaahh, yeeessss. And how sweet it was. Anyways, there was a fantastic round of musical chairs in the middle of the room for ages (surprise) 3-18. Ha. Ha. You should of seen Caleb go flying across the floor with a screech when some football player accidently slid too hard next to him on the coveted seat. The chairs were moved away, Caleb having eventually won, and the dancing continued. The crowd got thinner, and Aaron, Tait and Dylan started jamming again while people danced. Aaron had a couple sweet fills. We all left with full bellies, sore feet and hamstrings and sweaty foreheads. I'm tellin' you, you missed out...

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