The Rebelution Conference Part 2

7:39 PM

The next morning, we packed up all our stuff and locked up the hotel rooms. We drove for a little while, and pulled into the William Jessup University parking lot. Crowds of teenagers were walking into the building when we got there. We filed in, signed in at the front table and got our name tags and audience response remotes. Alex spoke for the first session on the Myth of Adolescence; Brett next, on Doing Hard Things, Gregg Harris on Character and Competence, and all of them together on Compatiblity (I think). It was very powerful. Alex used the illustration of the powerful african elephants, kept in captivity by only a small string tied to a spindly stake in the ground. It was not the strength of the twine, but the shackles of the mind that imprisoned the creatures. He said it's the same with today's teens. We have these shackles on our minds, low expectations, that keep us from excelling and pursuing quality of character. We can't do things George Washington did as a teen because we aren't expected to. Low expectations shouldn't stop us from breaking the twine, breaking free and pursuing excellence. All in all, I really enjoyed the conference. At lunch time, our group left to go find a Little Ceasers for lunch. I stayed behind because I was absolutely sick of riding in the car, and sitting down in the sessions. they all brought lunch back and we ate, and went to see the last session. We left around 5:30 and headed north to GP. Our family got home at about 2 the next morning. What a hoot! Here are more pics.

Ruth, at the hotel

The river behind the hotel
Dylan, at Little Ceasers
Victoria, same place
Sarah and Stephanie at the conference
Me and Nathan at the hotel parking lot. In the morning. Hence the puffy eyes.

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