Theater Camp! day 2

3:04 PM

The second day: We were all told what part we got for the play, a HumptyDumpty whodunit. I was to be a "Man" (you know, all the King's horses and all the King's Men, one of those) and Mother Hubbard. We played a bunch of games too. There's this one game called sardines, a complete opposite of "hide and seek" where everybody counts to 100 while one person hides. Then everybody looks for that person. But as soon as a searcher finds the "sardine", they have to hide with them. Eventually, everybody is crammed into the same spot, hiding, which is why it's called sardines. Once, I was the sardine and I hid in a hidden compartment under the theater chairs along with a bunch of odd'n'ends that were being stored there. It was all dark, so I kept on knocking things over, and stepping on my fingers. Eventually people starting cramming in with me. It was "sardines" in the very essence of the word. Boy was I squished up in down there. Way fun, eh?
Later we went over the script. I counted my lines. Wheeee! I had only 23! (We only had 3 days to memorize them, so I had it easy.) We also played the games "taxi" and "what are you doing" before we went home. Ah, what fun...

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