Theater Camp! day 3-6

9:40 AM

Hey, sorry, but, I can't journal the whole theater week, it's too time consuming. But I will say that the Saturday following was the performance. Since a lot of the kids on stage forgot their lines, I had to do a lot of ad-libbing to keep things going. Other wise, everything went well.
My Grandma came down that day, for my birthday, and also watched the show. I got a bunch of junk food for my birthday. :) Family tradition. Naomi and Nathanael came too, and I got to see Boone! :) So yup, that's what I did for my birthday. The theater camp, and having my room painted was a gift from my parents. I also got a lovely poem from Aaron. :)

Say, It’s Your Birthday

It is your 14th birthday today,

And I couldn’t decide what to get you,

“What should I get for her?” I thought to myself,

(I don't think up gifts as quick as an elf.)

Should I get her some pots or pans?

To go in her future hope chest,

Or a bouquet of roses and flowers?

I couldn’t decide which would be best.

Maybe a little dwarf rabbit?

Or a small brown ‘n’ white puppy?

With great big baby blue eyes,

Who wagged his tail when he was happy.

Perhaps some tools would be better,

A hammer, some nails, with wood?

To build yourself an outdoor hut,

And have tea parties whenever you could.

Or maybe some sparkling cider,

With bags of jerky and cheetos,

The kind that are red hot and spicy,

And burn like green jalapeños.

The possibilities were endless,

So I pondered and pondered anew,

To see what gift would be best,

And I decided to leave that to you.

Since I couldn’t make the decision myself,

You would be second in line.

After all, it is your birthday,

and here is the gift of mine.

Money, to buy all the things that you like,

A dress, a hat, or part of a bike.

But this you must remember,

I will always love you, forever and ever.



I got 2 cheesecakes and a shortcake and an 11"x20" print from Grandma of a picture I took with her camera. Nathan gave me an 11"x20" picture frame. Perfect! I also got a pineapple all to myself! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. ;) Ah, such a lovely birthday...

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