Theater Camp!

10:40 AM

I haven't had the time to post for the past week because of THEATER CAMP! Whooopppeee!! i like drama and stuff, so it's lots of fun. I've been dropped off at Barnstormers every morning at 9:00 since Monday. The camp is being directed by Jen Chamberlain and Leah (I don't know her last name). They're in their early twenties. Anyways...
The first day: I showed up at 8:30 Monday morning for check-in and orientation and got a name tag. There were around 18 kids there, including me. We played a couple games to learn each other's names. The first game had everyone in a circle. There was someone in the middle, who pointed at a random person in the circle and started walking towards them, still pointing. That certain person had to say another ring member's name quickly before the pointing person got to them. The pointing person would stop and start walking towards the person who's name was just called. And so on. If they didn't say a name quick enough, they got poked and were sent out of the game. So the game really helped us learn each other's names quick.
Then we all sat down and Leah went over the rules of behavior and conduct.
The age range for the camp was 8-18 but most of the kids were between 8 and 11 years old.
We did some excercises of how to use body language and mime.
When it was my turn to make up a story, I got up on stage and made up a really lame, a really lame one about a girl who was never loved by anybody, who rescued an abandoned dog that nobody loved. She grew to love him and "Spot" loved her in return and they got along swell together. One day the dog gets hit by a car and the girl is sad, the end. :) In other words I made up a really depressing story that is by no means edifying. When I got to the "hit by a car" part, I played the girl and screamed really loud. It kinda echoed in the room. Everybody stiffened in their seats. I burst into sobs, still playing the girl, with tears streaming down my face. "Spot, no! How could you? Don't leave me! Spot...Spot...!" Hehe. I really milked it. I said "the end" and bowed. Then I wiped my face and stepped off the stage, grinning. It was then that I noticed that a bunch of people were crying. Even Leah was crying. Jen just said "wow". I figure I probably milked it too much. *Snicker* Anyways, the rest of the first day, 'til 4:00, was games, acting exercises and getting to know each other.

I'll tell about the next day in my next post

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