3:00 PM

Well, Destiny inspired me to post one of my doodlings, so here's Eilonwy. I am currently in the middle of one of my favorite book series (The High King books by Lloyd Alexander) and she happens to be in all of them. She's a lot like me, which surprises me that I like her so much. I liked her so much that I just had to draw her. Hmm. She turned out a lot differently than I imagined her.
About Eilonwy: She talks a lot about nothing, she's sort of a ditz, she doesn't want to grow up, and she likes waving a sword around. She's really funny, that's probably what I like about her. See, in the book, Taran, the main character, is falling desperately in love with her, and she's absolutely oblivious to it. But the book isn't one of those books where romance's the focus. It just kinda happens. Since romance books make me sick, these books are a breath of fresh air. You should read them. Really.

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