Wow! What a Weekend! Part 1

8:55 PM

Last weekend, Clarion Forensics Club celebrated its first Annual (hopefully) Academic Camp. Over a period of three days, students from all over western United States, with their families, traveled to beautiful Southern Oregon, for a fun-packed weekend complete with an Extemporaneous session, featuring three local guest speakers (Mr. Richard Emmons, Mr. Ron Strom, and Mr. Bob Just), an Apologetics session led by Kim Anderson, and elective sessions of Writing Part I, Writing Part II, and Lincoln Douglas Debate. Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, plus snacks and dessert) were catered and were all delicious. Spontaneous games of Ultimate Frisbee typically ensued directly after lunch, until sessions began again at one o'clock. Aaron and I were asked to do "Dressing for Disaster", a humorous presentation for the Lincoln-Douglas course showing participants what not to wear. Aaron strutted in sporting camo cargo pants, a tailored pinstripe blazer, a wrinkled, half tucked in Hawaiian shirt, black tie with yellow smiley-faced Santa Clauses, white ankle socks with flip-flops, and an authentic tweed golfer's cap. Very classy, you can imagine. I went for the more realistic, heels, bare legs past the knee, loud patterns on dress, red satin sash around my waist, over a pinstripe blazer. I was chewing gum loudly, my hair was down and in my face, and I wore a velvet newsboy hat. All against the rules, you see. See pictures at

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