3:58 PM

Grandma bought a new camera last week, and she drove down here and took me shooting at 7:00 in the morning. We went to the pastures down the street to catch the sunrise, and the cows. But it seemed, rather, that the cows caught me! As soon as I get pictures from Grandma, I'll post them. Then we went to the park, and took more pictures. I took more than 300 pictures, but I have a habit (I'm a perfectionist) of deleting most of my pictures right after I take them, if there's anything wrong with them. It's funny, Grandma was using one of her huge extending lenses and it had camoflouge wrapping on it (She does lots of bird photography), so when it's on a tripod, it looks like menacing weaponry from a distance, especially in low light. Well, anyways, it was just getting light, and we pulled over next to the pasture and jumped out, snapping pictures of the cows, field, and morning sky. The guy who owns the dairy farm and all the cows, saw us pointing these scary black things at his little dearies, so he got in his green Tacoma and drove out to investigate and interrogate. When he saw it was an older lady and a skinny girl, he blushed sheepishly for being suspicious. He even said "If you go up that driveway over thar, ya can take pitchers of the new calves. Them purty cute 'uns!" We thanked him, and took him up on his offer. They were very cute! But you have to remember, they all become fat and smelly eventually, like the ones I had just been photographing. :) Whew! I exhausted myself taking too many pictures, so when Grandma and I got home, I slept 'til afternoon. Looking through a little eyepeice for two hours straight strains your eyes, and sure gives you a headache! Pheeew!

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