Letter from Grandma

1:53 PM

"Our trip worked out just fine, though we arrived here very tired. Both airplanes were completely filled.The Beijing Airport is very modern and beautifully decorated. Many thousands of trees have been planted in the Beijing area and the freeway from the airport was lined with thick stands of trees.Our hotel room is spacious, decorated in rich cranberry, gold and beige with accents of black. The window is at least 15 feet wide and seven feet high, showing a panoramic view that includes ancient pagoda buildings that are beautiful, construction areas, freeway and modern office buildings. They have lots of lights outlining buildings or spotlighting unique features.Quite impressive.

Aaron was so subdued during the flight from Portland I began to think he was ill, but he said no he wasn't. But, I think he was feeling a lot of tension, wanting to do everything correctly. For some reason he was worried about getting air sick and embarrassing himself, but of course, there was no danger of that as these huge airplanes give a smooth ride.

Best to all,

Voyla "

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