Food is cruel

8:32 AM

Oooooh. I just poured nearly 2 cups of italian seasoning on my omelet/hashbrowns. It was awful! It takes 10 minutes (approximately) to make the omelet, and just before I was going to scoop the food onto my plate, I decided to "lightly sprinkle" with italian seasoning. We have this big tub of the stuff, and you hafta shake it hard to get the dried herbs out through the little holes. So I'd forgotten I'd taken off the holey lid a couple days ago. I upended the wide mouthed container and gave it a good shake. To my horror, a Mt. Everest of dried herbs buried my cute little omelet in a landslide. I shoveled most of it back into the jar, but the rest was inseperable. I had to throw away the cute little omelet. I'm starting over. I have a new batch of hashbrowns on the stove right now. *Sniff, sniff* Do I smell something burning? AAAAAAAAAAAAGGHHH!!!

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