The Junior Tournament

1:11 PM

Last Saturday, the Clarion Forensics Club hosted a Junior tournament for all speech students ages 11 and younger. My brother competed in Dramatic Interpretation, telling the gripping story of the heroic John Paul Jones and his victorious encounter with the enemy ship Serapis, manned by the valiant, yet soon defeated British. Caleb did a fantastic job. To be sure.

I'm afraid I have no pictures of the tournament, just lots of video footage. Hmm. I just had a strange thought, why do they call it "footage"? Why not "handage", or "elbowage"? Well, anyways...I have no pictures. I snapped a few with the Emmons' lovely camera (a Canon E0S Rebel Xt, I believe) but alas, it is the Emmons' camera, not mine, so you see, I have no pictures. *Sniffles*

I was a judge for the second two rounds, and I did filmography for my brother, Aaron, during the first round. I filmed Duo Interpretation with the Canon GL2. Lovely camera. I had no tripod, except for a cute little flexable tabletop tripod thingy that just bent all the way when I set the camera on it! The battery pack on the camera is so huge and heavy that the little tripod couldn't support it. Oh well, I just held the camera. My hand got kind of sore after awhile, though. The "elbowage" still turned out pretty good, so I won't complain!
While everyone was waiting for the ballot results, Aaron and I did worship together. He played guitar and bongos alternately while I plunked on the keyboard with my primitive pianist's skills. I sang in the microphone, which I personally think was turned up too loud, and Aaron sang a little too. I bungled up a lot (poor Aaron) but for some reason I didn't care that much because I was too busy thinking about worshiping. ;)

Tait Deems, the "MC" of sorts, got up and thanked all the folks who helped organized the tourney, and all the judges, and his mom, and so on... but Natalie Emmons (Tournament Director) whispered in his ear that the ballot results weren't ready yet, so he had to fill time. His mom suggested he dance for all of us, but he didn't. How disappointing. Finally the results came and the awards ceremony started, and all the little competitors got certificates and such and had their pictures taken. How cute! ;) Dad bought club t-shirts from Mary Owen there too. They look so cool! ;) We wrapped up, and went home, and I took a much-needed nap. And that's pretty much it!

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