10:03 AM

Yesterday was awesome! It's amazing how much fun you can cram into one planetary rotation!
Yestermorning, I woke up to the sound of Dad's annual "WAKEY-WAKEY, YA SLEEPY HEAD!" I replied with my annual groan followed by the bury-face-in-pillow routine. And then I untangled my sleepy self from the mess of sheets, blankets, pillows, and whatever else may have been left on my bed the night before.
Sometimes I wish I had windshield wipers for my eyeballs, the way they get so bleary in the morning. Oh, wait, I do have windshield wipers. DUH! My eyelids!
So after rolling out of bed, I activated my windshield wipers, and attempted to make my bed.
When I emerged from my room, wearing my socks inside out, I remembered it was Thanksgiving Day, and we were having the Emmons family over in five hours. As the rest of the siblings stumbled in, activating their windshield wipers, Mom gave us chores to do.
I was to iron the table cloths. One of the tablecloths had a grape juice stain so big it was visible from the moon, so I dashed out to the church equipment trailer parked out in our driveway to find one of the church tablecloths. Brrr. It was cold. Like, reeeaaally cold. I should have drank some antifreeze before I went out there, to keep my blood from freezing, but nooo, I didn't think of that. I kinda had to dive into the trailer, the way everything wass situated. My fingers were nearly frostbitten, my nose too, I'm sure, by the time I found that table cloth. Sheesh, that tablecloth was better hidden than Saddam Heussein in a foxhole, but by my keen detective skills, I soon rooted it out of a bin, like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Yup. Just like that.
Now, where was I?
Oh yes. So I dashed across the crispy lawn clutching the stupid tablecloth, and made it inside just before I had the chance to die of prolonged exposure.
Then, I ironed the table cloths. More like melted the tablecloths, but we won't go into the details at this time.

Anyhoodle, after us kids had been working for a little while, Dad called us to the Living Room, for devotions. He read Psalm 93, I believe. It starts out something like; "It is good to give thanks to the Lord", so when he was done, we went around saying what we're thankful for.

I'm thankful for Speech Club, Apologetics and God's Word, all my material blessings, a family, decent health (I have a cold, nothing dangerous), food, a nephew, my church, and life in general.

When we were done with getting the house ready, we worked on food.

The poor turkey

Dad prepared the headless bird, and put it in the oven, while Nathan made gourmet mashed potatoes, and I made a garlic herb bubble loaf . The turkey turned out fantastic, the mashed potatoes were superb, and the bubble loaf, well, was charred on the bottom and raw in the middle. Hehe.

Sorry guys!

The Emmons showed up at two o'clock. All the girls were face painted as indians. Hahaha. It was funny. They complained, though, that every time one attempted at blowing one's nose, the paint would smear. Shucks. They all had chicken feathers stuck in their headbands. Pretty classy.

I wore a headband too, but for different reasons. See, I was constantly needing to blow my nose, so I wadded up a tissue, put it on my nose, and strapped it to my face with the headband.

Ingenious! I should patent these things!

Mom wasn't thrilled, nor was anyone else, at my creative brilliance, so I had to go back to blowing my nose every thirty seconds.

Nobody understands me.

The food was delicious! I ate:

1 serving of turkey breast with gravy
1 serving yams with nuts and brown sugar stuff on the top
2 servings turkey stuffing
2 servings fruit salad
3 servings Caesar salad with croutons
3 servings mashed potatoes
4 charred garlic loaf bubbles
1 goblet of sparkling cider
2 glasses of ice water
1 slice apple pie
1 serving vanilla ice cream


Us kids did dishes afterwards, and then danced to random music, and then Caleb, and Vic and Aaron played chess, and then we all went for a walk. It was really cold. But it was really pretty outside too.

When we got back, we sang a couple songs, then the Emmons left, and we set up our christmas tree, and hung ornaments. Then, we watched home videos. Hehe. Those old videos are hilarious. Take for instance the one where toddler Caleb is standing on an up-side-down trash can, roaring non-intelligable words. Then he falls off the trash can, and Nathan dumps the trash can on Caleb's head, and I come and drum on the can. All the time Caleb is roaring. Hahahaha

So, when it was 11:00pm I took a hot hot shower, and crashed into bed, with a special satisfaction that comes when you've had a lot of fun that day.

So, yup, that's what I did yesterday. In case you were wondering.

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