Auburn Part 1

7:27 PM

Wow, I just had the most amazing and spectacularly fun weekend. I'm not sure exactly how it all worked out, but somehow I got to be a timer for the Auburn Washington Debate tournament!

We met up with the Deems at the WAL*MART parking lot, where Aaron and I piled into "Clifford" (the Deems' big red car), and we packed in cozy with Mrs. Deems, Dylan, Tait, and Creighton Deems, Jachin Scott, and Dillon Holst. On the drive up, I slaved away at some Advanced Mathematics (actually, it's all review at the moment, a bit of a cinch), while all the fellas jawed debate stuff. We pulled into Myrtle Creek for lunch. I got this orange creme soda substance along with my burger, and it was disgusting, but I drank every last drop up the stuff. When we got back on the interstate, we watched some footage of Aaron's WW2 movie, on his laptop. We got a hoot out of that. Later we stopped in at Burger King, or McDonalds, I can't remember, where the restrooms were put to use, and Dylan bought some chicken nuggets. He even gave some to me and Aaron. Yumyums! Once on the road again, Jachin cracked out the cracker Jacks, and passed them around. Sooner or later, after more than eight hours, we rolled into Seattle, and we pulled up at the Deems' grandparents' place, where we unloaded our gear, and got set up for making some zzzzzz's.
Before bedtime, I worked on posting updates for the club website, but I took a break half way to join everyone else to watch an old television comedy video. Then Mrs. Deems and the grandparents went to bed. Us young people, we kind of sprawled out on the couches, the way tired people do when there is nothing to do except go to bed, but of course you don't go to bed because that just not what you do on these kinds of trips, and we passed the time cracking nuts.

Then I went to bed. Apparently, while I slumbered the guys were in the basement, helping Creighton rewrite his debate case, which he had left at home, 'til two in the morning.
Early the next morning I lay awake for many dark hours as I often do when I'm in unfamiliar surroundings, deprived of sleep. After I got up and had a shower, I started having trouble with my sight, plus my entire right hand went numb, along with my tongue, lips, and under one eye , and I had horrible nausea. These are all symptoms of a migraine headache. Of course the headache came quick, and it felt like my skull was two sizes too small for my brain. Ow. But it wore off within a little while after showing up at the tournament, and I was optimistic about the rest of the day being head ache free. Well, that headache didn't come back, and although I never totally shook off the nausea, I was having a blast. I watched Dylan debate, and I timed Aaron's debate. They both did an excellent job. After the rounds were over, we went back to the grandparents and we played a game, watched another comedy and did some crazy loony things that only teens do when it's late and when they've gotten to know each other too well. Here is what Jachin and Creighton have to say about the round.
Also, Dillon made the mistake of explaining, with a speech impediment, to Creighton, the superiority of his plastic Ninja Turtle figure over Creighton's. Here, he is re-explaining to a not-so interested Dylan.

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