Here, I’m back again

5:10 PM

Well, I'll apologize for posting this slightly behind schedule, I've been sick lately. Grandma came by and visited with Naomi a bit and then took me with her to Klamath Falls. In Klamath Falls, we drove past an old warehouse, the roof of which had collapsed all the way through, because of the weight of the snow. There was deep snow everywhere, but the roads were clear. We stopped at the Red Lion Hotel and dropped off our stuff, then went directly to OIT (Oregon Institute for Technology) for the "Winter Wings Festival". At about this time I'd worked up a nasty headache, and my left eye was burning itchy. We looked at an exhibit, and then went to a presentation on endangered Peregrine Falcons, and then we went to Sizzler for dinner. After that we checked in to the hotel, and made some zzzzzzzzzzzz's. The next morning, I woke up to see Grandma and Elaine were up and getting ready to go. I squinted and said to Grandma, "You know Grandma, I really don't think I can make it to the workshop." I still had an awful headache and that fiery eye. I got dressed and showered, hoping the water would help. It didn't. Grandma was very obliging, and she let me curl up under the covers and go back to sleep. I woke up without a headache, and I told Grandma, so all three of us got in the car and drove to the conference. Later that day, we drove out to take pictures. Here are a couple:

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