9:42 PM

Hello, I figured I'd keep an update on my trip this weekend. Today is Thursday, and us three younger Sleadd kids went to piano lessons and got back home at around 2:45 pm. Naomi was at our house, to take me home with her. I'm babysitting Boone right now while Naomi and Nathan are at the Toby Mac/Jeremy Camp concert. Right after they left, I cleaned up the dinner mess. But that took forever because Boone kept wailing. You see he's teething, plus he's plain grumpy, so the only way I could hush him up was by holding him. Anyways, I completed the rest of the cleanup single-handedly. Then, I listened to a Father Gilbert Mystery (radio theater drama) and then I put the fussy child to bed. Tomorrow, Grandma will stop by to pick me up, and we'll go to Klamath Falls. Right now is the Bald Eagle migration season, and Klamath Falls has a birding festival every year during this season, so Grandma is taking me to do some birding/photography. We will attend some photography workshops, and hopefully I'll be able to try out some Canon equipment they're showcasing. So that's the gist of it. I'll keep you posted on details. (That is, if I find internet connection, but if you find no updates, well, you'll know I found no signal) Anyhoodle. I must go check on the Boone, he's babbling.

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