A Fantastic Day!!!!

8:14 PM

Whoohoo! My day was just ducky! Today (Palm Sunday) we did worship at church, and Dad preached a sermon about Jesus' triumphant entry where all the people are shouting "Hosanna!" and waving palm fronds. Then, Sarah Holst and I practiced a skit we're doing together for the Family Creation Night (you better come, I'll post info about it soon). Then we went home. Mr. Miller (from our church) brought a big ol' pot of clam chowder, garlic bread, salad and dessert to our house, and Nathanael, Naomi, Boone, and Christina Swanson (also from our church) came for lunch. After lunch and conversation, we all piled out to go to frisbee. Aaaww, I miss Boone already! At frisbee, it was super sunny, yet pretty chilly. I got hot quick though, and I didn't even need the sweatshirt I borrowed from Caleb! We played three games. I mostly run around, make noise, and get in the way, but oh well, I need my exercise! Then, we got Little Caesars on the way home, the Kings did too! Now, we're takin' things easy, and I'm waiting for the shower.

Oh, by the way, I bought a Canon Rebel XTi (Canon rocks!) and it's supposed to come tomorrow!!!! Whoohooo!!

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