Car-ride Conversations

7:57 AM

Setting: Driving home from Frisbee game, windows rolled down, sun setting.

Alexa: "Hey Nathan! You should call home quick to see if we should rent "Bella" from Blockbuster!"

Nathan: "Shoot. I don't have my cell phone."

Alexa: "Hmm. Well, maybe we should just get it anyways, since Dad mentioned this afternoon that he wanted to see it. You've got your Blockbuster card, right?"

Nathan: "Ah, no."

Alexa: "Oh well, all you really need is your drivers license ID."

Nathan: "Shoot. I don't have my wallet."


Nathan: "Hehe. I suppose you'd kinda need ID, huh? "Hi, I'm Nathan Sleadd. What? Don't you believe me?"

Alexa: "Yeah! Don't I look like myself?!!"

Nathan and Alexa: *Laughs*


Nathan: "Wow, Alexa, that was a good one."

Alexa: "Haha, thanks."

Nathan: "High-five."

Alexa: *Slap*

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