Carpet Serenade

10:04 AM

O bedroom floor, O bedroom floor!
Where for art thou?
I s'pose I've dropped too many things
and cannot see you now!

From beneath the eccentric debris you peek
Buried, almost forgotten
Now's not the time for hide&seek!
It's time that you were trodden.

Yet tread you, I cannot
I've waded through this depth of junk
For weeks! Through stuff I've fought

I've sworn to myself again and again
to cart away your burden
Yet everyday, zeal fades away
My back to you, I'm turnin'

But aargh! Unearth you, I must!
Peel back the sedimentary layers
Delve through the fluffy quilts of dust
I'll be chief of dust mite slayers!

So here I go, filth's fate is grim
My brow is wet with toil,
O bedroom floor, your world is dim
But junk heap's schemes are foiled!

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