Haircut Conversations

9:04 AM

Setting: *BZZZZZZZ* *Snip-Snip* *BZZZZZZ* (Hair Buzzer)

Alexa: So, do you think you'll ever wish you'd gotten a degree?

Nathan: Nah.

Alexa: Well what if you lose your current job somehow, and hafta look for one somewhere else? And what if they'll all be looking for someone with a degree?!

Nathan: I'll just become a UPS driver.

Alexa: WHAT??!! Are you serious?

Nathan: Hey! It's the highest paying "blue-collar" job in Oregon! I was talking to a trucker the other day and he said it pays 90,000 a year, but he said "You definitely have to work your tail off."

Alexa: Ah

Nathan: Well, he didn't exactly say it quite that way.

Alexa: Ah. You mean, like, in more unsavory terms?

Nathan: Yeah. Truckers aren't exactly fans of afternoon tea."

Alexa: I see


Alexa: I'll bet you're pretty proud of that.

Nathan: What?

Alexa: Your clever little phrase.

Nathan: Oh, you mean "fans of afternoon tea"?

Alexa: Yeah. I'll bet you're swelling with pride.

Nathan: *shrugs*

Alexa: Humph. Well, that's what I would be doing!

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