The Streets

10:09 PM

Tonight we went to first Friday Art Night to share the Gospel. It's a little scary. It used to be that First Friday was an artsy attraction, parents pushing strollers, older couples admiring the displays, but it's not that way anymore. The sidewalks are overrun by teenagers and punks. These kids are all struggling to be accepted and they've all obviously dyed/styled their hair just so, it seems they're putting on a show! My heart goes out to them, because I know a lot of them from school, and I know that I could easily be one of them. It's troubling after a while, having to constantly avert one's eyes, pretend one didn't just hear that cuss word, and to try not to stare at the peculiar hair-dos and piercings.
Out of all the people that I surveyed, I somehow only got "Christians", people who said that they believe in God. I guess I was just surprised because they all looked just like everybody else. But hey, I suppose unless you wear a civil war dress, you'll blend in anyways. The first lady that Dad interviewed tonight had black hair, pink and neon eyeshadow, and several piercings. She says she goes to a church in rogue river, and that she is a Christian. I get so used to labeling people by the way they look that I almost avoid witnessing to the more peculiar looking ones. It ashames me. Why do I have such a great fear of man? Who am I am really serving, here? What I'm afraid of is maybe a cold glare, or a nasty insult, but come on? How bad is that? That's hardly persecution!! I don't know what my problem is! Sigh.

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