A tribute to the birthday people!!

7:52 PM

Happy Birthday!!!
(I've tried to include one or two "normal" pictures of each person)

Boone Phillips
Boone, you are the joy of my life! You make me smile just thinking about you! I hope you know your aunt loves you, and that she's crazy about you! This is your very first birthday! I think you are very special. I love to see you taking those wobbly first steps, it makes me so proud! Happy first Birthday!!

Kaila AndersonDear Kaila,
I haven't been able to find very many goofy pictures of you, because, well, you're too mature, I guess!! But you certainly balance it out with enthusiasm and a sweet smile! You just make me feel rather silly and immature. Ha! Well, you're an incredible role model, and I appreciate how sold out you are for the Lord, and I'm inspired by your desire to be godly woman. Many blessings on your 17th Birthday!!

Colleen McMurray

Sorry Colleen, but I noticed that most of your silly pictures have Nathan in them. He certainly has that effect, doesn't he? And I figured you wouldn't mind him being in there next to you, so I've left him in.
Dear Colleen,
Happy 19th birthday! You are so awesome!! I have been inspired by you in so many ways. I've watched you grow closer to the Lord through the suffering of your brother's epilepsy, I've seen you maintain an honorable relationship with my handsome brother ;O), and I've been encouraged to study up on my apologetics because of your enthusiastic encouragement.
We've had some good laughs over the years, haven't we? You are an incredible woman, and I know my brother is super blessed!! ;)

Dylan Deems
Dear Dylan,
Happy 17th birthday! You are a very patient and easy-going fellow! I appreciate that you put up with peculiar hairstyling, and other various annoyances. I have a lot of respect for you, and I admire your passion for serving the Lord. I'll have you know that I think Mr. Dylan Deems is a spectacular chap, and that he's a very steady, level-headed guy, and that it almost seems like he's nineteen, and not 17. So here's a hearty "Happy Birthday" to you, followed by an "and many more"! Keep up the good work!

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