Boating with the Deems--a story of pictures

10:33 AM

Dylan went first, braving the frigid waters

I went next. Some interesting facial expressions here. Probably because I was constantly crashing.

Tait and Aaron--in his chinese straw hat

That hat sure went through a lot. See, Mrs. Deems was keeping it for Aaron while he wakeboarded, but it blew away into the lake, so we circled around and Aaron snatched it up and plopped it on his head. The whole time, Aaron kept us entertained, doing ridiculous bunny hops on his board, and performing spectacular wipe-outs.

Tait shows us how it's done

Drew :)


Packed into the front like sardines

Me and Drew, sitting on the boat tower

Pastor John offers up a prayer before a ride on the seadoo.

The towline snapped right as Mrs. Deems took this picture. As you can see, it's all wadded next to my face. I ducked a second too late, it narrowly missed my cheek, lashing Tess behind me.

A bunch of feet in the air

Whoopsy, I fell off


Flying saucer

Little story here, Dylan wanted to play "King of the Dock" so he tried pushing Tait off, but Tait didn't want to go in. But then Tait shoved Dylan in. Dylan latched on to Tait and yanked him in with him, Tait narrowly missing the dock, and getting a gash in his leg. Dylan then tried to push Drew in, (see below), but Drew saw him coming and hurled himself in before Dylan got the chance.
Meanwhile, spotting Dylan by the edge of the deck, I devised an evil and nefarious scheme

I charged him, intending on a clean shove, and then watching him splutter with surprise and fall back into the water as I stood, Queen of the Dock, cackling triumphantly. Little did I know that he was out to foil my plans. He threw his arms around me and held on for dear life, yanking me off balance.

I tried to extricate myself from his strong grip, my efforts were but in vain. We grappled, unsteadily, for a few milliseconds, gravity and momentum proving to be the winner in the end. I resigned myself to a fate similar to that of a Tait's. I was going in.

It wasn't very graceful.


Tait and Aaron flex their arms for a picture. Or maybe they're just cold

Group pic

Tait and Dylan: Resolved; that the chucking of Creighton into the water should be more highly valued.

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