Roseburg Vacation

8:02 PM

We've been in Roseburg for the past couple days staying at my grandmother's. Yesterday we did a lot of junk-sorting, going through grandpa's stuff in his workshop, and straightening the garage. Dad and Uncle Rich went to drop off scrap metal at the place were they pay you for it, and apparently Grandpa's stuff was worth more than 150 dollars. The fellow at the metal fabricator's, an Asian immigrant, said to my dad and uncle "Red Hair, No teeth." They didn't know what he meant, they thought he was joking so they laughed. Later Dad realized that he was saying "red hair, goatee." (My uncle has red hair, Dad sports a new goatee) When he informed us all of this, we burst out laughing!! Good times, good times. This morning we went strawberry picking at an adorable berry u-pick farm. I snapped some pictures.
Grandma took this picture

This is called a fox-tail. Guess why.

The victors, lugging 47 lbs of strawberries. Aaron, Caleb and I washed, sorted, sliced and bagged those 47 pounds for freezing later this morning.

Riding the tractor some more...

Aaron does some pretty crazy driving!!

Tomorrow we leave for Silver Falls to camp w/ the Holsts!! Yeah!!!

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