If you’ve ever wondered what I dream about…

12:18 PM

Last night I had a dream.

I find myself in a building that seems to me something like a library, but with all sorts of classrooms down the hallway. Now, if you're trying to get of a visual image of this, don't bother. I can see it my mind but it's hard to explain. Anyways, somehow, I find out that I am suppose to be in a wedding here, as a bridesmaid. But I'm clueless as to who is getting married. Maybe my sister? Nah, she's already married. Oh, I'll bet she and Nathanael are just getting married again. (This makes total sense to me) But it turns out it isn't them. I find myself in sort of a warehouse part of the building, filled with racks and racks of costumes. There is a girl and boy (from a book I've been reading, I suspect) helping me find something to wear for the ceremony. (Apparently the wedding attire is all provided for the guests.) In front of me is a display of dreadlock wigs, next to that, a bunch of ape-man masks. Weird. So they want the guests to dress as primitive cavemen Rastafarians… Around me I see people picking out their outfits.

I find myself in the library area again, and the guests are already seated and the ceremony is beginning. The funny thing is, I don't recognize anybody, (this dream never really shows me people's faces anyways) and I'm supposed to be a bridesmaid. But ACK!! I realize the ceremony is starting without me! I dash into the private office area behind where everyone is seated. The lights are off in there but the only thing separating me from everyone else is lots of glass windows, not much privacy. The girl is telling me to HURRY UP!! And she chucks me this disgusting-looking purple taffeta dress that's all scratchy. I know one doesn't typically wear a t-shirt under a bridesmaids dress, but as soon as I pull it off, and start stepping into the dress, I discover I'm wearing yet another shirt!! I yank that off, and try to wear the dress again, but AaaRRGGHH I'm still wearing my shirt!! I give up and decide to wear it anyways. But the sleeves of the dress are impossible to get my arms through. This whole time, the girl has been hollering at me to hurry up, and I can see the ceremony going on through the windows. Are you weirded out by now? Finally, she helps me get the sleeves on right and she zips up the back. I'm stifling hot (I found out after waking up that this is because I'm all wrapped up and smothered in my blankets) and I step out of the office. The girl and the boy whisper that my hair is a mess and that the boy is an expert in this area, so why don't I kneel and let him work wonders. I comply, hoping he'll hurry up, since the bride and groom are already on to their vows. The boy says he's done and I jump up, whisper thanks, and glance at a mirror that just happens to be on the wall, on my way to join the wedding party. I halt in my tracks, doing a double-take at the mirror. My hair is still long as usual, but on top it looks like a crew cut!! I falter, and say to the boy, Whoa, hehe, I guess you just made it look like a mullet, it couldn't possibly be one for real, right...? Hehehe… I ran my hands through my hair, horrified to find it had been butchered short on top. No…NO…NOOOOOOO!!! I bellowed. I grabbed the poor kid by the shoulders and shook him with rage. How could you?? I roared. The entire room went silent, the Rastafarians all turned to stare at me in shock. The Pastor's words died out. I, oblivious, hollered all sorts of not-very-nice things at the boy and his sister.

The rest of the dream is a muddled mess to my memory. Very strange…

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