science experiment

9:16 PM

This morning I woke up sick. I think I got it from either Mary Owen, or the Deems. I did type up a whole narrative about how my throat feels about all this, but my mom protested when she saw I intended on posting it. So much for literary license!! She went on to say the world doesn't really want to know about my glorious injuries, and my grievous throat issues. She didn't exactly put it that way, but that's how I see it. So, I'll have to be content to share with my readers about I've done about my health grievances. Enter: Science Experiment!!

Hypothesis: What will it feel like if I sequentially gargle three disgusting substances that supposedly will help improve my desperate situation?

Method: I sequentially gargled the three following disgusting substances:
1. Hydrogen Peroxide 2. White wine vinegar 3. Warm salt-water solution

My following responses were thus:

1. Felt like I had a rapid growing fuzz conquesting my mouth; it had a combination of horrible taste, aggravating fizzing, and it left my teeth feeling like Styrofoam.

2. (This was the worst) It BURRNED!!! Felt like I was gargling acid.

3. This was mildly gross, so I took several swigs, to rinse out the bad tastes of 1. and 2.

Conclusion: Well how 'bout that? Now I know what it feels like.

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