The Twelth Night by William Shakespeare. Presented by "Bride and Bridesmaids Theater Troupe" at your local Barnes&Nobles bookstore.

6:54 PM

Our story begins with a lovestruck Duke named Orsino, who is madly in love with his neighbor, Countess Olivia. But she refuses him 'cause her brother died recently, and she's so depressed she has no room in her broken heart for love. Or so she thinks...

Meanwhile during a shipwreck, two identical twins, Sebastian and Viola, both think each other have drowned. But Captain Antonia saves Sebastian...

and random person turbaned person rescues Viola.
Viola: NoOOOO!!!!!

Random Person: Try this. Looking like a guy will help you get a job.

Viola: Fits perfect!
Sure enough, Viola gets a job. Except her name is now Cesario. Duke Orsino pays her to deliver his love letters to the stubborn Olivia.

Viola: "Ack. She's staring at me! She must suspect I'm a girl!"

Olivia: Aww! He's so incredibly handsome!! Unlike that bumbling Duke Orsina!
Viola:"Why is she looking at me all weird?"

Meanwhile, Viola is falling desperately in love with the distracted Orsino
Viola: Aw! He's so incredibly handsome!

Viola: Sigh! I love Orsino. He's so swell!
Olivia: Sigh! I love Cesario. He's dashing!
(Here's a new guy, here)
Sir Andrew Aguecheek: Sigh! I love Olivia! She is positively gorgeous!

But let's not forget Sebastian!

Sebastian: "Thanks for rescuing me before I drowned, Capn' Antonio."
Captain Antonio: "Sure thing, Sebastian. Sorry to hear your twin sister drowned. Here's a dumb hat, I hear they're all the rage."

Sebastion: "Thanks, Cap'n! Later, dude!"

Sir Andrew Anguecheek runs into Sebastian, mistaking him for his identical twin Viola, except that Andrew thinks she's a guy named Cesario. It's all very confusing really.
Sir Andrew Anguecheek: "Hey you! You're the one Olivia is googoo eyes over! Loser! I hate you!"
Sebastian: "Oh yeah?!"


(Countess Olivia interevenes)

Olivia: "There you are, Cesario, my honey Dumpling Sweetey Sugar-pie!"

Olivia: "I love you, we must get married!"
Sebastian:"Sure, whatever!"

Creepy Minister: "Mawiage. A dweam wiffin a dweam. It's what bwings us aw togevuh."

Sir Andrew What's-his-name: "Aargh! Darn it, my crush is crushed!"

He goes crazy, so he's tugged away to the insane asylum

"Hey, hubby! The wedding went splendidly, don't you think?"
"Pshaw! Is this some kind of joke?"
"Don't be silly! I sure love the ring you got me, I love how it sparkles."

Orsino rushes in and proposes.

Olivia: "Sorry! I'm already married to this hunk!"
Viola/Cesario: "WHAATT!"
Orsino: "You married my true love?!!"

Viola: "Look! I have nothing to do with this!!"

Orsino: "Dummy! What'd you go off and marry him for?"
Olivia: "Don't call me dummy, dummy!"

But then Sebastian pops in.
Orino and Olivia: "Wait a minute!!!!"

Sebastian and Viola: "No Way!! You're not dead!!"

Happy reunions

Orsino and Viola get married. And Sebastian and Olivia, as newlyweds, get along splendidly...

The end

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