3:30 PM

I'm afraid I'm too busy living life to post about it. But I'll try and catch up.

Lately I: competed in a "Round Robin" debate tournament, tried to go snow-tubing, had a family christmas gathering, had another family gathering in Roseburg, attended a wedding, went to a mystery murder party, and helped my dad build furniture for my room. Not necessarily in that order...

Boone is...contagious
Dad and I built a shadowbox for my grandpa of his WWII stuff

Here's me working on it.

On Christmas Eve, we tried to go on a snow-tubing trip with the Deems, Sleadds, and Johnsons, but the roads were blocked, so we drove all the way back and hung out at our place.

Our family got together two days before Christmas to open presents. We are kind of untraditional. This is my adorable nephew Boone. He is starting to talk. He gets very solemn in front of the camera...
Murder Mystery Party!! Christina was the murderer, Collin got murdered...Alex had the most awesomest costume ever!!
And believe me, I know costumes (a little at least).Here Dad is building shelves and cabinetry for my room. My room constantly degenerates into chaos, due to my penchant for craftiness, and my lack of organization, so Dad helped me out with the organization part. The shelves are beautiful (hehe, Dad designed them with my input) and they are probably some of the most valuable Christmas gifts I have ever gotten. I am truly blessed. Perhaps I will post a picture of them once I organize all my craft stuff into them...

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