Pictures from the Tournament!!

1:50 PM

Dearest Readers: I have a confession to make. I am lazy. It is for this reason that I have loaded all my tournament pictures onto Facebook rather than Blogger. (It's much faster) You can hopefully view them through this link. Or this link. See if those will work for you.

Sincerely from the deep-down-dank-dark-depths of my heart,
Alexa Sleadd

P.S. Suppose I sum up my tournament experience: Well, the things I will remember forever and always were 1) saying a crass word in a debate round (accidentally), 2) blubbering in apologetics, 3) getting in big trouble for rip-sticking* on the sidewalk. True, there was more that happened, but that's what I'll never forget. Gulp.

*A ripstick is a pivoting scooter with no handlebars

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