How are you......really?

8:54 PM

Many of my acquaintances/friends in passing ask me, "How are you?" I have to confess, I don't even pause to think about it anymore and just spit out the monetary "Good." Sometimes I don't feel "good" at all, and am dying to tell someone about it, but know that they probably aren't expecting me to say anything other than "good". Or, I've just had an incredibly wonderful day, and I've just been blessed in so many ways, but somehow don't think it would be worth the telling...

When my older brother began courting a beautiful girl two years back, and spending lots of time with her family, he started picking up funny habits characteristic of the whole family. He would come home and say things to me like, "Hi Alexa! How are you?!" "Uuh, good." I would stutter, taken aback. "No, really," he would insist, "how aaare you? How do you feeeel?" I couldn't stand it at first, having a slight aversion to anything touchy-feely in the first place, but over time it occurred to me how often I'd ask that simple question, and didn't care less as to how it was answered.

What about you? Do you care?

Some people surprise me in how interested in me in general, they seem. I can't help but think, Wow, I wonder if they really care. They look like they actually want to know what I think, or how my day went! I also can't help but want to be more like that. Scripture tells us that we're supposed to consider others more highly than ourselves. Wow, I wish I could live like that. I wince recalling past awkward conversations when I've turned the conversation to me, and what happened to me the other day, and what my opinion about this and that is, merely because I couldn't think of anything else to say. *Sigh*

So I'm trying to change my ways. Help me out if you can. If I ever say "Hi, how are you?" mechanically, please take the time to shake me violently and holler at me. Or if you ask me that question and I give a bored "Good," firmly lecture me that that's poor grammar please restate the question with emphasis, to give me a second chance...

Let's all make the world a better place shall we?

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