1:49 PM

I like to think of myself as being predictably unpredictable. It's a flattering thought so I think it a lot. Not. Ouch, that rhymes.

Today, I surprised myself by eating spaghetti for breakfast, and again at lunch. I also had an orange, and a sandwich that was half tuna fish and half PB&J. Nummy.

I like to surprise myself. It keeps me on my toes.

This morning, feeling very charitable towards myself, I snuck into my room, when myself wasn't looking, and I put away all the folded laundry that was sitting on myself's dresser. So later, when I walked into my room, I squealed with delight once I saw that my past self had cleared off my dresser for me! Now I didn't have to do it myself! Aaaww! How sweet!

So today, surprise yourself. Do something out of the ordinary. It's an exciting way to live.

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