Freedom, sweet freedom

1:51 PM

On Monday, J Chin, Tots, Mr. Curly, Aaron and I all took an advanced placement physics test that none of us were really prepared for... My only consolation is that I didn't get up and quit like two of the three public school kids taking physics tests along with us. Whee. BIG consolation.
Seriously though, I'm slapping band-aids on my ego right now...

We blew off steam for an hour at Baskin' Robbins afterwards, over ice cream, to celebrate the end of our physics year. I thought it humorous that the song playing when we first came in was "I Will Survive" which, I suppose, was rather timely after our three hour, mind-numbing physics test. Sigh.
It was a terrible way to end the physics class, though. It only made me feel like a complete dolt,
and it somehow crowded out all the nice fuzzy memories of physics class on Tuesday afternoons.

After all, studying physics has been such an incredible experience. I've learned soo much about the order, the complexity and the design of the world around us, and it's given me both a greater awe, and a deeper appreciation of what God did in those first six days of Creation. It seems the more I learn, the more I'm aware of how little I know. I guess I got to looking forward to seeing my buddies every week, and I know I'm going to miss all the good laughs we've had and the intellectual discussions we've delved into. I'm going to miss J Chin's subtle genius, Tots' explosive skepticism, Mr. Curly's hilarity that gets us roaring, and studying with my brother Aaron... though I am most definitely not going to miss the countless hours of homework!!!!!!

So I guess this is tribute to my awesome Physics comrades, a whinin' about the test, and an appreciation of SUMMER BREAK YEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

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