10:07 PM

Well, this is Alexa Sleadd, thought I'd report on today's hapnins...
Grandma and I drove all over Ashland this morning taking pictures, and now we are in Willows, CA (just south of Redding) at a hotel.
Now, at this hotel, I dove into the pool and was delighted at how warm the water was. I swam for about 8 minutes, until this guy comes walkin' out. His face was beet red, he was sporting a grungy tank-top, shorts, bit of a beer belly and long scraggly hair. I didn't seriously look at him for more than a third of a second, it was all I needed to get creeped out. I nonchalantly got out of the pool and sauntered back to my hotel room. My heart was pounding. Now I feel dumb for over-reacting, and I can't blame the fellow for closely resembling a creep, but better safe than sorry, eh? I kinda wish my older bro were here. Ah well, must fend for myself.
I've taken lots of pictures today.

This Ferrari is in incredible condition. I walked aroung the back and took the following picture:

You can't see it well, but there's a glass window showing the engine underneath. Amazing!

Aaudi! There were a bunch of Audis...

I have a bunch more pictures. There was a Lotus!!!! It's awesome!! I'll post as soon as this ridiculous hotel connection gets its rear into gear..

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