Sixteen years and counting: Ramblings on life and living

4:49 PM

This morning it took me a while to remember I was born this day sixteen years ago.
I used to be proud of getting older because I thought it meant maybe someday when I was older I would be pretty. :)
Well, to tell you the truth, I was a lot cuter then than I am now, and now I don't have anything else to look forward to except maybe for 18 when I can vote, and 21 when I drink alcohol even if I'm allowed to.
If you must know, when I was eleven, I decided I would stay that age for the rest of my life. I didn't at all want to be a woman, much less a teenage girl, which is worse. But I've changed, unfortunately. I grew several inches and now I get a little choked up when I hold babies, and I love my bible more than I used to. Maybe growing up isn't all that bad? Now I do all the boring things that I used to despise, like brushing my hair and keeping an email address. I hated how all the other little girls were trying to be all grown up, and wore lip gloss and glitter. I used to think that sitting and talking to one's friends was mind-numbingly dull, but now I like it more than hide-and-go-seek! I don't go from the depths of depression to the heights of ecstasy in the course of one hour anymore, and drama doesn't come as passionately as it used to.

I still have some growing up to do, though, I may be slower than most. I'm the only girl I know who likes swimming in the river, and I like getting smokey/dirty on camping trips. I speak my mind when I shouldn't, and I hold back the right words when I should. Everything around me, in general, is three times funnier to me than anyone else, it seems. I don't like getting up in the morning, nor do I relish going to bed early at night... *sigh* Sometimes I wonder if I'm still a silly eleven year old, but just trying to hide it.

Maturity is elusive. You never quite fully attain it until you join the cloud of witnesses in eternity. It's a constant pursuit, trying to become more like Christ each day.

Imagine if you found out the exact amount of hours you had left to live? Would you live life differently? Would each breath seem sweeter? Would you praise God for each new birthday He gives you?

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