Dealing with Daylight: contemplations from my back lawn

4:04 PM

This beautiful, sunny day taunts me.
It peeps in my window and beckons that I abandon my air conditioned abode for the breeze in my hair and the sunshine filtering speckled patterns of light and shade all around me.
"Ah," I say to the ladybug journeying my knee, "this is where I belong."
But days like this torment me. They demand my doting attention. I feel strangely guilty when I retreat indoors, knowing these days of gold are numbered in a pouch, spent every twenty four hours, never seen again.
I know that one day I shall lay, weak; my pouch of golden days nigh spent, my once strong legs feeble, my once smooth skin in need of ironing, my eager ears muffled, my curious eyes watery and dim. A beautiful, sunny day, much like this one, will peep through my tiny bedside window, beckoning, taunting me. Perhaps my dim eyes will water more than usual, my foggy mind will carry me back to the day I refused the beckon, trading bliss for a glowing computer screen. I shall mourn the gold I'd wasted.
Perhaps a sturdy grandson of mine will guide my gurney to the lawn, where the breeze will kiss my pale cheek once again, the ladybug will journey on my knee, the light and shade shall speckle my already speckled skin. Then the day shall taunt me no longer. I will have paid my debt.
"Ah," I shall sigh, "this is where I belong."

You too have a pouch. Spend it wisely.

"Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil." (Ephesians 5:15&16)

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